We are E-Commerce experts and understand your goals

We are a team of experienced e-commerce experts for renowned international brands, online-shop development and data-driven online marketing. VCHFY was initially created based on our own needs: We wanted to regain control over our sales funnel and get rid of those affiliate publishers, that do not add additional value to our customer journeys.

Our goal is to revolutionize offer-based CPO and affiliate channels by giving online-shops back the control over funnel, revenues and conversions in offer-based sales. With VCHFY we create seamless, beautiful and brand-oriented customer journeys which turn offer-driven shoppers to loyal and profitable customers.

The Management Team


Managing Director
Marketing & Sales
  • Former head of marketing for Gaastra Fashion online shop
  • Expert in online performance marketing & digital strategy
  • Excellent knowledge of online marketing tools & trends
  • High degree of problem awareness from an online shop perspective


Managing Director
  • Former head of development for Gaastra Fashion online shop
  • Expert in e-commerce development
  • Profound knowledge in all major e-commerce systems
  • E-commerce developer for more than 12 years