The overdue revolution
in Affiliate-Marketing

VCHFY allows you to start your own couponing site with a strong set of features. Take back control over your offers and the lower funnel of your customer journey in only a few simple steps.

SEO first

Our tech experts created a solution that will boost your VCHFY-site to the first page of the google results in a short period of time. We achieve this in full accordance with all state-of-the-art rules and guidelines for SEO-optimization by Google and other major search engines. Mutual long-term success is our goal.

Advantages: great visibility and opportunities to push your performance and show your best advantages to the customers!

Control the funnel
& add value to your brand

Couponing publisher in your affiliate program often attribute sales to their advantage by simply „dropping“ cookies without giving additional value to the customer journey.

Often they have unrealistically high conversion rates of 10-30%, which shows how small/unrealistic the value of this partnership is. They leach from your lower funnel! With VCHFY you now own a powerful tool to reshuffle the cards and challenge your couponing affiliates.

Advantages: VCHFY allows you to bring offer-based sales back into your owned channels without additional affiliate costs. Couponing sites and other offer publisher will be forced to rethink their business model to provide you with additional value beyond harnessing offer-based shoppers in your lower conversion funnel.

Convince your audience
with a beautiful design

We experience that many couponing sites do not look like shop owners expect it to be. There is a ugly break between the onsite experience and the search process for vouchers before customers buy.

It’s disappointing, annoying and a conversion killer. We think you & your customers deserve a beautifully integrated design experience at all touchpoints of the customer journey.  VCHFY does match your shop experience to 100%.

Advantages: seamless customers joruneys for offer-driven visitors, full-brand exposure to your visitors, increased conversion rates and higher brand loyalty along the funnel

Save money and boost conversions

You have the control of the displayed offers/coupons that appear on your VCHFY site what means they are always up to date, different to most of the couponing sites that often create disappointing experiences with not working offers.

Use your chance to finalize the sale of potential new customers by showing convincing offers in a beautiful and converting design. Show all your advantages on one page to not lose your customers at the final process of decision making.

Advantages: substitution and overwrites of leads from couponing sites that did not provide value to your customer journeys, lower affiliate commissions and increasing conversion rates by inhousing voucher- and offer sales

Amazing features

VCHFY allows you not only to display the regular offers/vouchers. This is just the foundation on which we are building the best offer-campaign engine for all relevant channels in the world. We give you great features that will boost your conversions and increase the users interest.

Advantages: One-Click-Newsletter subscription, unique-code implementation, smart user-related dynamic offers and many other features will help you to differ from regular couponing sites.

More Benefits from using VCHFY

Fast & easy onboarding
Our well experienced tech-team will guide you through the setup to get live as soon as possible.
Trial VCHFY free of risk!
Try our solution and receive a first-hand impression of the powerful results & benefits for your business! We will only be successful if you become more succesful.
No invalid offers anymore!
Trigger e-mails sent to the marketeers whenever a promotion is about to run out or when uniques codes are running empty.
Track your success
See how much money you earned and how much commission you saved by using VCHFY. Either via utm-parameters from Google Analytics and/or with our sales tracking.
Create offers easy & fast
Our easy-to-use backend allows you to create offers within minutes and push them live in seconds.
Multi-language option
You are an international player? Great! We offer multi-language options to place offers in different locations.

Our clients love VCHFY

See how our clients use VCHFY to boost offer-based sales and create a far superior customer journey with a beautiful proprietary offer site managed with the VCHFY backend.

Months until top ranking for organic search >>[online shop] voucher<<
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Customer journeys for offer-based visits from new & exisiting visitors

Fully branded in your online shop’s  look and feel

Our offer for you

Test VCHFY now
and benefit from the start!
  • Seamless and quick onboarding
  • Your own offer- and voucher-site with a top SEO ranking within a short period of time
  • The best recommendations on how to create and manage outstanding offers and incentive campaigns
  • An intuitive back-end for designing and maintaining your brands‘ very own voucher-site
  • Clean and clear dashboards for easy performance monitoring

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