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Whitelabel coupon site

Online shops operate your own 100% brand & CI compliant coupon site and turn couponing into a branding tool! No more poor offer quality or competitor offers that generate purchase cancellations!

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phone feature 2 is the unique coupon portal that brands & stores love! You control all promotions directly & in real time from the vchfy deal platform. There are no competing offers here and additionally strong advertising opportunities to push your store.

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OnPage Promotions

Run your promotions directly in your store. You decide when, where and if you want to play out promotions. Work with dynamic campaigns for upselling & higher shopping carts. Or play out promotions consistently everywhere - with just a few clicks.

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Success Story: 96% of all sales with upselling or better margins!

Swiss market leader impressively shows what's #CrossCampaign setup achieves.

Whitelabel coupon site for online stores

vchfy enables every online store to run their own 100% brand and CI compliant coupon page. The page gets the top ranking on Google for queries like "coupon your online store" and gives stores back control over your funnel.
And it does it internationally & for all online stores. All from one easy to use platform.

Generates value instead of static discounts

With dynamic campaigns & gamifications, stores play out personalized offers that ensure higher shopping baskets, up- & cross-selling, and better margins.

2-4x higher conversion rate & 40% lower bounce rate

No competing offers, high offer quality & conversion-optimized user guidance ensure incredible results!

Couponing as Branding!

100% control over your offers & emotional mood images of your brand provide a unique experience for your users. With vchfy you can be proud of your promotions!

vchfy operates, the first voucher portal that brands & shops love! The first premium voucher portal that is controlled directly & in real time by online stores and thus follows a unique concept!

Direct control over all Brandpage offers
Premium brand page with top user experience
Promote campaigns through newsletter, social media & blog

OnPage Promotions

Online stores run their promotions directly in the store. You determine when, where and if promotions are played out.
With just a few clicks, promotions are played out consistently and uniformly everywhere.

Run promotions directly in the online store
Added value through dynamic campaigns & gamifications
Minimal effort & simple management

Success Story: 127% higher conversion rate through vchfy coupon page is top performer for Weltbild in the coupon sites segment!

Our performance highlights

Smart gamifications

Achieve incredible click & conversion rates with our gamifications Luckywheel & Scratchcard. You deliberately play low discount values and thus achieve significantly better margins!


Dynamic campaigns

Make it personal! Offer each user an individual & personalized promotion and achieve higher shopping baskets through upselling & crossselling.


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What our customers say


"Yes, we are pleased that the cooperation has come about. I am convinced by vchfy's low complexity and high flexibility at the same time. The campaigns are simply designed - but contain many great gadgets and can be easily adapted or actively steered in different directions. In addition, the appearance is prepared in a customized look & feel, which is an important point in reflecting one's own brand. We're happy and at the same time excited about everything that's coming: great to have you on board, guys!"

Philipp Kneißel

Performance Marketing Manager

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You can integrate the vchfy deal management into any online store. Quite simply with our Shopware, Magneto or Shopify plugin. Alternatively, we build a custom solution within a very short time without additional costs for you.

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- 0€ setup costs until December 2021 -

Purely CPO based

The same cost-per-order (CPO) you pay to coupon sites.

0€ setup fee

Start vchfy with no initial setup and campaign consulting costs.

Monthly cancellable

Test it easily and risk-free without contract period.

Customer Succes Manager

Personal contact and best practices for your success included.

0€ setup fee

  • 2-4x higher conversion rates
  • Gamifications
  • Dynamic campaigns
  • Branded User Experience
  • Campaign consulting
  • Best practices & expert know how
  • Full control over deals
  • Monthly reviews & optimizations

Branding made easy with coupons

Get started now with the vchfy deal management platform

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